10 Most Visited Top News Websites In Kenya


Top News Websites In Kenya—2019 Statistics.

Below is a list of Top News Websites in Kenya with latest Rankings.

Most Visited Local and International Websites in Kenya

I know we said top 10 and we will give you just that. We decided to break it down into two lists:

  • A Combined list of the Top 10 Local and International Websites Visited in Kenya.
  • A list restricted to the Top 10 Most Visited Local Websites in Kenya.
Meanwhile, we have also added an extra 20 local websites along with several honorable mentions. These are websites that may not have made it to the top list but you definitely have to visit. For instance, if you live in or you are interested in Kenya.

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Kenya:

Here’s the latest list of the Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Kenya as at January 2019:

Here’s the latest list of the Top 30 Most Visited Local Websites in Kenya as at January 2019:

  1. google.com
  2. youtube.com
  3. standardmedia.co.ke
  4. tuko.co.ke
  5. the-star.co.ke
  6. facebook.com
  7. yahoo.com
  8. sportpesa.co.ke
  9. sde.co.ke
  10. jumia.co.ke
  11. betin.co.ke
  12. citizentv.co.ke
  13. wikipedia.org
  14. kenyans.co.ke
  15. ecitizen.go.ke
  16. nation.co.ke
  17. betpawa.co.ke
  18. 1xbet.co.ke
  19. ghafla.com
  20. kra.go.ke
  21. twitter.com
  22. google.co.ke
  23. dailypost.ng
  24. venasnews.co.ke
  25. betensured.com
  26. blogspot.com
  27. ask.com
  28. gqbuzz.com
  29. xvideos.com
  30. kenyamoja.com
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